Now Share Your Live Location Without using WhatsApp.


Friends, do you remember the sharing live location feature on WhatsApp?  Let me tell you the truth, Because of this feature of sharing live locations people stopped lying about where they were.  As beneficial as this feature has been, it also has seen negative effects. This live location-sharing feature has only been useful so far to know where we are and where we are stuck in trouble or any unfortunate situation, as much as this feature caught many layers.

But now this feature is not only limited to WhatsApp.  Now even from Google Maps, you can check the location of your closet person at any time with just one setting.

So today I am sharing with you the secret information so that you can check anyone’s live location with just one click and No one can lie with you about where they are. Even in critical conditions where your loved ones can’t share their location with you, It’s accessible to track. And you can easily help them in stuck situations.

Sharing Live Location Via Google Maps On Mobile ( Android Or IOS )

  • You have to confirm that Google Maps is enabled or installed on your Smartphone device.
  • You have to sign in from your Gmail or Google account.
  • If you are already Signed in it is a plus point.
  • At the same time turn on your location on your phone’s settings.
  • After opening Google Maps you can find Blue colored dots that represent your current location On the map.
  • Now open the Menu which is at the bottom of your mobile screen on Google Maps.
  • It completely depends on which mobile device you use. You will find two options.
  1. Share Your Real-Time Location.
  2. Share Your Live Location.
  • While sharing a live location you can choose the Duration including, 15 minutes, 1 Hour, until you turn it off.
  • After clicking on the share and choosing duration now it’s time to choose with whom you want to share your Live Location.
  • You can choose anyone from your device’s contact list or any contact from your Gmail account.
  • Now you have to click on the Send button to share your current location.
  • All the contacts you have selected will get a notification of your live location with the link.
  • If you want to stop sharing your location with your contacts, you can click on the option to stop sharing anytime.

Sharing Live Location Via Google Maps On Desktop ( Laptop or Computer )

  • While using a desktop there are minor changes in the process of sharing your live location.
  • Open your web browser and search for Google Maps.
  • Now sign in with your Gmail or Google account.
  • Click on the blue that represents your current location.
  • Now a small window will appear that shows the option,  Share your live location.
  • You can choose the duration as per your requirements.
  • With a desktop, you can only select email addresses to share your live location.
  • Click on share.
  • Now all the email addresses you have selected will receive mail with a link containing your live location.
  • You can stop sharing your location anytime.

I hope I have shared all the valuable information that helps you to share your live location without WhatsApp.



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