New Rules Implemented By Government Since 1st January 2024.


Whether it’s the beginning of a new year or the beginning of a new month, at every 1st date of the month, new rules are implemented by the government. All these rules seem to affect our daily lives positively and negatively. Therefore, as an aware citizen, it is necessary to have appropriate information available to us at the right time to avoid further unfortunate circumstances.

Which rules have been changed or implemented by the Central Government at the beginning of the new year 2024 and the new month itself? How will it affect our daily life? Whether your expenses are going to increase or you are going to get relief due to government schemes, let’s see in today’s blog.

SIM Card

The new Telecommunication Bill will be implemented from January 1, 2024. Which will change numerous rules regarding buying new SIM cards and Telecom companies. According to this new regulation, digital KYC is mandatory while purchasing a new SIM card. Now you can’t buy SIM cards only using your Aadhaar card or PAN card. But now providing biometric information will be mandatory. Also, it has been mandatory for telecom companies to get permission from customers to send messages.


New fuel rates are implemented on the 1st date of every month. At least on the occasion of New Year, everyone is expecting that the prices of petrol, diesel and gas will decrease.

Demat account

If you are a demat account holder then 31st December 2023 is the last date given to add a nominee to your demat account. But anyhow if you fail to add a nominee to your demat account then your demat account can be frozen from 1st January. This new rule is implemented by ( SEBI ) Securities and Exchange Board of India.

 Income Tax Return

Taxpayers who have not filed their ITR for the financial year 2022 – 2023 were given the deadline of 31 December 2023. However, those taxpayers who failed to file their ITR will be penalized from January 1, 2024. As per new rules, Taxpayers are liable to pay fines until 2032.

 Bank Locker

If you have a bank locker in your nearest bank then you simply can’t ignore what I am sharing. The deadline for signing the contract for renewal of bank lockers has been given till 31st December 2023. Only then the locker agreement will be implemented from January 1.

Aeroplane tickets

If you are planning to travel abroad at the beginning of the new year, there is sad news for you as aeroplane ticket prices could be increased by 20% from January 1, 2024.

 Old Gmail, UPI account

Are you in the habit of creating new or multiple email accounts? If yes, then you need to curb this habit of yours as soon as possible. According to the government’s new rules, Gamia and UPI accounts that have not been active for one year will be permanently closed.

So If you are busy in new year’s celebration then before leaving for your vacation just check that have you filed your ITR return for 2023? Have You updated your nominee for Demat? How many of your Gmail’s are inactive? Just check until its too late.

Stay tuned with us for more exiting news.



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