Accidentally deleted your Instagram gem? Don’t panic! Instagram has a secret hiding place called “Recently Deleted” where all your vanished photos, videos, and reels chill for 30 days (stories only hang out for 24 hours). Want to bring them back? Let’s see how. But what if you can’t find this magic folder? We’ll explore that too, so keep calm and read on.

Remember those embarrassing teenage MySpace posts you thought were hidden forever? Well, on Instagram, things weren’t always so forgiving. Before, deleting a post or story meant saying goodbye for good. But now, Instagram has a special “second chance” bin called “Recently Deleted” where your banished content goes for a little timeout.

Photos, videos, Reels, even IGTV and stories – they all hang out there for 30 days (stories have a shorter sleepover, just 24 hours!). So if you have a change of heart, you can easily rescue them and put them back on your profile. No more digital tears.

Restore Deleted Stories, Reels, and Posts on Instagram via Account Settings

  1. Open Instagram on your phone and tap the three lines in the top right corner (the hamburger menu).
  2. Tap “Settings” and then “Account” followed by “Recently Deleted.”
    This is your magic recovery zone! You’ll see all your deleted posts and stories hanging out here, waiting for a second chance. Photos, videos, Reels, even stories – they’re all here.
  3. Find the post, video, Reel, or story you miss and tap it.
  4. See those three little dots in the bottom right corner? Tap those, then select “Restore.”
  5. Instagram wants to make sure it’s really you, so they’ll send a quick verification code to your email or phone. Enter it to prove you’re the boss, and voila! Your lost content will be back on your profile like nothing ever happened.
  6. Not feeling the love anymore? You can also tap “Delete” to banish the item forever from the Recently Deleted folder.

Which Instagram Deleted Posts Can You Get Back?

Lost a pic, video, or Reel on Instagram? Worry not, the “Recently Deleted” bin welcomes them back for a little while! Here’s what you can bring back to life:

  • Those funny pics and epic videos you took off your profile.
  • Reels and IGTV videos that got cold feet and disappeared.
  • Stories you accidentally skipped, from both your feed and Highlights.
  • Even shared posts and Reels that vanished from your story.

Just remember, stories that didn’t make it to your archive only stay in the bin for 24 hours, like shy guests at a party. Everything else hangs out for 30 days before saying sayonara. So don’t wait too long to give them a second chance on your profile.

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