Remember the heroes of 1971 war

Rifleman PR. Gurung was a member of a medium machine gun detachment attached to a rifle company on the Eastern Front. His company was attacked by intense and accurate heavy machine gun fire from an enemy bunker. Rifleman P.R. Gurung immediately rushed forward and single-handed charged the enemy machine gun post. Though mortally wounded, he continued the charge and silenced the enemy machine gun before he fell down dead. In this action, Rifleman PR. Gurung displayed outstanding bravery in total disregard for his personal safety.

Operation: 1971 Cactus Lily
Date of Award: 30 Nov 1971(MVC)

30 November 1971. Sepoy Ansuya Prasad was given the task of capturing an enemy position on the Eastern Front. The enemy was occupying a well-fortified building dominating the entire area around it with machine guns. It was decided to send a squad to get into the enemy defences and to set the building on fire. Sepoy Ansuya Prasad volunteered for the task and crawled towards the enemy position. During the process, he was shot in both his legs, undeterred he continued crawling up towards a stock of ammunition. Later, he received a machine gun burst on his shoulder. Inspite of bleeding profusely, he crawled up to the building and lobbed the grenades into it, setting it on fire before succumbing to his wounds. In this action Sepoy Ansuya Prasad displayed conspicuous gallantry and made the supreme sacrifice. For this gallant act Sepoy Ansuya Prasad was posthumously awarded #MahavirChakra Ministry of Defence, Government of India

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