Hello everyone!! Welcome to help Hindi. In this blog we have explained the concept of quotation marks within a string in java. After reading all the things you will be able to understand the concept of what is the meaning of quotation marks within a string in java and how to add quotation marks within a string in java and also related topics.

What are the quotation marks in programming?

Generally, these marks are indicating the punctuation marks which are used to indicate a direct quote or a piece of text which is referred directly, so also, they sometimes called speech marks or inverted commas, which is used in the operation of programming. Quotation marks are generally represented in writing as a pair of vertical marks i.e. (“) which are placed before and after the quoted text. But in programming language quotation marks are used to represent string literals, which are sequences of characters enclosed in quotes.  It is indicated by,

					String message = "Hello, world!";


Generally, these marks are used in many contexts, such as:
  • Direct speech: – It means the exact words or sentences which are spoken by someone, when a character in a film or story speaks. their words are often enclosed in quotation marks which indicate that they are speaking for Example: –  “Hello,” said John.


  • Quoting text: It refers to the act of reproducing or repeating a piece of text verbatim from its original source. When quoting a piece of text directly, it means that quotation marks are used to indicate that the words are not the writer’s own, for example- According to the article, “The problem is not going away anytime soon.”
  • Titles: – it refers to the names which are given to different components of a program, such as – classes, methods, or variables, etc. basically, these marks can be used to indicate the title of a shorter work, for example: –   An article or a chapter within a book.

                    But in programming language these marks are used to represent string literals, which are sequences of characters enclosed in quotes.  The following uses are following below-

1.Declaring string literals: It defines a sequence of characters enclosed in quotation marks which represents a string value. In most programming languages, string literals are enclosed in quotation marks to differentiate them from other types of data. For example – in python,

					message = Hello, World!"

in the above example the string literal is "Hello, World!" and it is assigned to the variable  message .

2.Escaping special characters: –

                      It means it is a line breaks or backslash (” “) in most programming languages, to indicate that a character should be treated differently than its literal meaning.  In some cases, string literals may contain special characters such that need to be escaped. In these cases, the special characters are preceded by a backslash () which indicate that they should be treated as literal characters. for example in python-

					string_with_quotes = "She said, "Hello!""
					String message = "She said, "I'm busy right now."";
String path = "C:\Users\John\Documents\file.txt";
String multiLine = "This is a multi-linen string.";

3) Singular expressions:

                   It refers to a sequence of characters and symbols that define a search pattern. Generally, these are the powerful tools which are used in computer science, programming, and so also in data analysis for matching and manipulating strings. In JavaScript it is looking like this-

					var pattern = /[aeiou]/; // Matches any vowel
var pattern2 = /d+/; // Matches one or more digits
var pattern3 = /"[^"]*"/; // Matches a quoted string

    All the above discussions are the uses of quotation marks in programming language and these marks are very important in programming language. Now we further we discuss how we can add the quotation marks in within a string in java –

how to add quotation marks within a string in java?

                      Generally it is add In Java,python, javascript,swift or other programming languages.It can add quotation marks within a string by using escape characters. to understand  we gave an example,

in the case of swift –

					string myString = "He said, "Hello World!"";

in the case of javascript

					string myString = "He said, 'Java is fun!'";

in the case of java 

					string myString = "He said, 'Java is fun!'";

and in the case of python

					 string_with_quotes = "She said, "Hello!""

So, all the above discussion represented the meaning of quotation marks and how to use it in programming. We hope you understood. Thank you 


it is a variable is a named storage location in a program

Functions in function can be called from different parts of a program to execute the same code without having to repeat it.

basically loop is a control structure, in which a program that repeats a block of code until a certain condition is met.

It is an object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm that uses in objects.

A compiler is a software tool which translates high-level source code.

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